November 2016

Friday, 4 November 2016

Maintenance tip for increasing the life of water heater at your home

Sometimes home improvement projects can turn out to be dangerous if you do not take certain precautions over the time period and can result in a serious injury or death of a person. By the help of heating services sterling, you will be able to know some maintenance tips that can increase the life of water heater at your home and prevent some serious injuries.

If you are a resident of northern Virginia or other cities like Vienna, Fairfax, Oakton, sterling, etc. you can take the free assistance of heat Pump install Virginia, gas furnace replacement sterling or heating services Sterling, etc. in a convenient & easy way without any kind of hesitation. You can consult with the other local professionals if you are not a resident of above discussed places. Read and follow the instructions always that you were given to you with manuals and safety warnings.

After using water heaters for quite a long time, the sediments builds up inside the tank, and in every six to 8 months it is recommended to flux out the sediments from the water heating devices to increase the life of your water heaters. For flushing the sediments you should turn down the dial to the low setting. Heat Pump install Virginia, this is important to flush put the water in a clear and for making sure that the water heater is not heating water at the time of flushing.

Next, connect the drain valve of the water heater with the garden hose. Make sure the hose is free from any type of leakage. At last, you can start the flushing system. Turn the handle back to the other side to stop flushing, remove the hose and then your water heater is ready for the work. Repeat this process in every 4-5 months.